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Stop The Abuse Against Women and Children Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to fighting for the rights of children and women who are viewed as part of the most vulnerable persons in the society.

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Is time to kick against abuse

Stop the abuse is a nonprofit foundation established to provide, support and create a conducive and safe platform for gender based abuse victims, we also ensure anonymity and pro-bono legal services, psychosocial and medical treatments to all.

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we stand against rape

Stop The Rape

Rape persist when the victims are blamed and the culprits go unpunished. 

stop the beating

Stop The Beating

Millions of men per year beat their partners repeatedly and nothing is done about it.

stop the molestation

Stop The Molestation

Prevention strategy should include increasing parents' and other caregivers' awareness and knowledge.

stop the hunger

Stop The Hunger

Our mission is to alleviate hunger by obtaining and distributing food, water and other essentials in Nigeria

We Want To Help
We Wish To Help

We Want To Help, We Wish To Help Spread The Awareness And Help Curb And Fight The Sexual Violence Women Of All Age And Forms Face, Sometimes All It Takes Is A Helping Hand To Help Us Know We Are Stronger Together.

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Our Projects

We provide emotional support, knowledge and women rights awareness, legal services and financial assistance to abuse victims of all ages and gender, we intend to help you find your voice again and show you deserve to decide what happens to you.
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To be the leading voice of the voiceless ones globally.